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Do not be mistaken between my personality and my attitude. My personality is "who I am". My attitude depends on "who you are".

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I think it's not funny. It means that men don't have feelings and women have too much. EVERYBODY feels different things a day and it's totally okay WHY saying that a man has a day like that and a woman is always changing her feelings it makes no sense at

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J essaye ou essaie in french In French, the verb "essayer" means. How to Conjugate "Essayer". For instance, "I try" is "j'essaie" or "j'essaye.

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PREVIEW: Damiano geeft meer uitleg over het ‘bikini-incident’

Ses po vraiment une citation mais fallait que je le mette pareille hahaha

- Tu veux l'homme de tes rêves ? - Oui ! - Bah, va dormir !

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From weakness find strength and live for today, as there is no guaranteed tomorrows.

qui arrive quand on réussit. Il y aussi son frère Hypocrite qui lui sera gentil face à toi mais te critiquera derrière ton dos chez son pote Pathétique, celui qui a besoin de se nourrir des malheurs des autres pour exister.

Dans mon entourage, il y a Mr Jaloux