Nike for the Dubai Open

Great advertising: Nike Tennis posters: The Dubai Open by Leo Rosa Borges, via Behance typography example

Minimalist Print Ads-I really like this idea because it shows how confident durex are in their products.

A creative Durex ad. I love the use of the maze and overall simplistic style because it demonstrates the condom's ability to prevent pregnancy/ not break open.


Vintage Audi Poster, Designed by the great Swiss graphic designer Armin Hofmann.

Volkswagen BlueMotion: Bouncing Coin

Volkswagen BlueMotion: Bouncing Coin It's so simple. Large areas of white space filled with minimal line and shape, repeating elements and color.

カンヌ2部門受賞の超ハイレベルな“炎上マーケティング” | AdGang

The "American Rom" - Campaign presentation of one of the most popular romanian brands - Buzz