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Yolanda Gonzalez

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Yolanda Gonzalez
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The white heron (shirasagi) dancer at Senso-ji temple, Tokyo, Japan

The white heron (shirasagi) dance is one thousand years old. The white faces of the dancers signify innocence, purity and gentleness. The white heron (shirasagi) dancer at Senso-ji temple, Tokyo, Japan

Meido in Akihabara promoting Meido cafe, Tokyo Japan.

Maid Cafe - Sometimes referred to as Meido cafe or Cosplay restaurants. Article includes Maid Cafe pictures and locations.

Cosplay. Is the one in the middle playing Velma from Scooby Doo?

These Harajuku girls are dressed in Cosplay is very popular on Sundays on the bridge next to Harajuku Station, Harajuku.

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