#growingupagirl - yes, like are you kidding me? It is ridiculous!

School dress code for boys vs. dress code for girls feminism, feminist humor, women's rights, equal rights, equality

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Lol, well Ik how to cook.and I do stuff girls normally don't.But the not ladylike thing happens.

growingupagirl, ladylike

Especially when ur wearing a skirt and ur legs are barely spread apart and then someone is just like THAT IS NOT LADY LIKE

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my family when Im on my phone. i only text my boy. Friend do y'all see the space between boy. Friend ok making shure (to bee 100 percent clear he is a boy and a friend, a boy.

-_- lol growing up with brothers and guy cousins

-_- lol growing up with brothers and guy cousins << oh my god yes, there are tons of them and I'm the only girl!


You know the teacher is either an idiot, or a guy if they ask why you're bringing the bag. Like, why tf else would a GIRL bring her bag to the bathroom?