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Is This Why Ash Looks Older?

Is This Why Ash Looks Older?


Tumblr Gets Deep (26 Pics)


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This was so cool until the end. Kristen Stewart as Loki?! What the heck?!

Someone Swapped The Genders Of “The Avengers” And It’s Perfect

STEVE IS WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Check it out

30 Of The Most Creative Business Cards Ever.

What it's because we've always said "what's on the telly?" And we go IN somewhere to see a movie.... I think.

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This terrifying thought. No. Just. No

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34 Totally Absurd Things Restaurants Have Used Instead Of Plates

The guy who hates Moreos

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A 'Big Bang Theory' Theory to Blow Your Mind

Hail HYDRA-licious. I just nearly spit my coke out, I wasn't prepared.

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In an alternate universe...

If Mulan and Jack Sparrow had a kid...seriously, it's people like this who make history what it is...

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Where does the second one live? I want to find him and marry him.: Funny Quotes And Sayings, Level Boys, Guy, Cant, I M Laughing, Heels Man, High Heels, So Funny, Vintage Funny Quotes

Nothing, just chilling at home…
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Printable Wicked Musical Digital Subway Art by ljcDigitalDesigns, $4.00

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You know the drill

Alright then, guess we have to share this

On amusing yourself. [The 27 Realest Tumblr Posts About Periods]

The 27 Realest Tumblr Posts About Periods

Hahahaha!! So glad I don't have one of these yet, but I'm glad I have friends that's do so I can give them back.

The causes of kids crying

What happened later in their lives…Buzz is the best.

What happened later in their lives…