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Row of Hueys flying to the landing zone

Bell Hueys over Vietnam. My next door neighbor was a Huey pilot, his bird got hit by a bird - no bueno. Everyone survived because he was an awesome pilot.

“Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.” Anti-Vietnam war protest (1969)

“Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.” Anti-Vietnam war protest And still the same message.

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Funny pictures about The definition of war. Oh, and cool pics about The definition of war. Also, The definition of war.

US Marine at Con Thien, 1967

A Marine at Con Thien wears his faith, alongside earthly goods, on his helmet. September/October “To every Marine on that hilltop the Lord always seemed nearby.” War Without Heroes, Photo by David Douglas Duncan

Rich man´s War, poor man´s Blood. ..... Des reichen Mannes Krieg, das Blut des armen Mannes.

"Its a rich man's war." he murmured, taking a swig from his flask and staring out at something I could never hope to see, "But it's the poor man's blood that's spilt.

Malika Favre design for Valentine's Day 2011.

Figure and Ground art // Previous pinner said "Figure and ground-Figure-definate shape,recognisable.Ground-indefinate shape,continuous non recognisable"

Medusa Tattoos : 20 Ideen mit Bedeutung

"You have the power to stop mortals in their tracks; do not doubt yourself. For your gaze alone was touched by Gods.

The shading is a little heavy around the eyes but I love the look of intensity in her face.

Thigh tattoos are IN right now and they are SEXY AF. Check out these sultry thigh tattoos for women and get some inspiration for your visit to the tattoo parlor.

Love to travel tattoo by Channing

Tiny tattoos are all the rage. Here are tiny travel tattoos for wanderlust lovers. Thinking of getting a travel tattoo?