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Nursery school children at play wearing their gas masks. This photo seems to suggest that wearing gas masks could be fun. The masks were not very nice to wear though. To keep the mask from steaming up, you put soap on the plastic lens.

‘Operation Pied Piper,' begun on Sept. In the event, the million who were evacuated was a remarkable achievement though some children stayed with their parents as evacuation was not compulsory.

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World War II - Boys clear rubble and begin to prepare the ground with spade, fork and rake, in order plant beans on a makeshift allotment on a London bomb site. The seeds they will be planting were sent to them from America.

children in world war 2 - Google Search

Children in Kentish Town, London are ecacuated to the countryside in like the children Polly works with at Lady Caroline's mansion.


April 1945 - The Japanese battleship Yamato, the largest battleship ever constructed, is sunk by American planes 200 miles north of Okinawa while en route to a suicide mission in Operation Ten-Go.

Teacher leads British children in fitting gas masks 1941

children in world war 2 - Google Search

children in world war 2 - Google Search

children in world war 2 - Google Search

Liverpool Lime Street Station: The children of Liverpool prepare to become evacuees during WWII.

Shortly after the declaration of war, the air raid siren sounded and Kate went to a nearby public air raid shelter.

Anderson shelters (sunk into the ground in peoples gardens) and Morrison shelters (placed indoors) aimed to protect people from the effects of German bombs during the 'Blitz'.

“Salvage After London Raid” My mother daily life as a child