For the most creative. Recycle your paper and create awesome decorative lamps

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Create seedling pots to start your indoor plantation. Use onyblack and white newspaper

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Make your own paper with recycled newspapers, and create pretty gift wrappings or awesome paper for your greetings cards

How to Make Paper

Weave your old news papers and create your own storage boxes!!

Recycled paper, material for eco-friendly woven products - Xinhua |

Use the edges of the newspaper to create your own, self decorated beads. Or simply use the newspaper theme cutting the paper in specific words

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Create your own jewelry with paper beads. Another usefull tutorial on how to recycle your old newspapers. Remember it is easier to place them on toothpicks to create the hole.

How to Make Beautiful Beads From Recycled Newspaper - A Storybook Life

How about making your own beads? Here is an idea

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I do not expect you to make the pots, but it's a good idea to create paper yarn for weaving

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A pretty decorative bowl. Varnish it and use to store your candies and make them more welcome. Or make it to put it around an ugly plastic vase (never cover the bottom so the water can drain without damaging your work)

Interesting designs to do at home: Recycled paper art

Another good idea to decorate with recycled newspaper. Put a net at the bottom and hang your earrings Paint the newspaper quillings and give some colour to your work

Recycled magazines paper

Practical with all the advertising arriving to the mailbox. Maybe smaller fr button separation or bigger for bigger materials.

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Small newspaper baskets

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