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    Phonics Resources

    A range of phonics resources that enable KS1 and early years children to get hands on with letters and sounds

    Phonics Resources

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    Learning to read.

    Camp Slop: What We Did This Week

    84 magnetic phonics pieces with magnetic board

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    Ragtag Rhymes set 2 -decodable readers with nonsense rhymes

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    Ragtag Rhymes set 1 - decodable readers

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    Jazzy Phonics Tookit - an essential toolkit for teaching systematic synthetic phonics

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    Phase Two and Three Lacing Letters for blending and wordbuilding

    Lacing Letters - Phase two and three letters and sounds

    Come Alive Phonics interactive CD-ROM

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    Come Alive Phonics wooden characters

    Initial sounds wooden characters for KS1

    Come alive phonics sing and play pack

    Phonics sing and play pack letters and sounds phase 2 resources

    Early Soundplay Set 1 for speech and sound Awareness

    Early Years Books | Speech and Sound Awareness

    Phonics pegs and lollipop sticks

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    Helping Young Children with Phonics Kit- Phonics Activities for Early Years. This kit includes a book written by Ros Bayley and Lynn Broadbent with 30 activities revolving around the mischievous crow Crispin. Crispin the puppet is also included in the kit and will help bring engagement and excitement to phonics for young children.

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    Vowel Activities for Early Years- improve phonological awareness by helping children distinguish long from short vowels in single syllable words.

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    Letter Monster Swatter (",)

    Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Letter Monster Swatter

    Phonics fishing. Useful for practicing phoneme and grapheme association

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    How Do You Sound It Out? - A Song to Teach Children to Write Words Like They Sound

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    Squidgy Sparkle Phonics - tactile phonics resources for early years and KS1. This set include 67 graphemes covering the 44 sounds. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, they are suitable for use with any systematic phonics programme.

    Tactile Phonics Resources for Early Years and KS1

    Letters and sounds cubes with each cube featuring a different phoneme group from letters and sounds. Ideal for applying letters and their sounds. A great tactile phonics resource.

    Letters and sounds cubes for phonics games

    Letters and sounds reading rods to encourage children to blend letters and experiment with sounds to form CV and CVC words. 96 interlocking cubes. Ideal for phonics teaching.

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    Letters & Sounds Phase Three Cubes. Six cubes featuring graphemes and phonemes from phase three. Ideal to help children in activities to consolidate their phonics knowledge

    Phase three phonics foam cubes

    44 Sounds and Spelling Tubs -Letters and Sounds for early years and ks1. Great for use with initial sounds right through to spelling and reinforcement of phonics.

    Letters and Sounds Teaching Tubs for early years and ks1

    Active Phonics Kit -helps teachers take an active approach to phonics teaching for early years and KS1 children. The set includes tabards with plastic pockets, phoneme and grapheme cards . This kit is ideal for outdoor and indoor phonics activities and the games guide was written by Teacher and phonics trainer Jaz Ampaw-Farr

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    Jazzy Phonics Tookit and Teacher Resources for teaching systematic synthetic phonics. Created by independent Phonics Consultant and Trainer, Jaz Ampaw-Farr.

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    Phonic Pebbles: A tactile set of pebbles ideal for introducing early years and KS1 children to letters and sounds. Each set includes Teacher's notes. Cast from a resin and stone mix, phonics pebbles are ideal for indoor or outdoor phonics activities.

    Phonic pebbles from Yellow Door - Outdoor phonic activities