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Today my kiddos and I continued our discussion about weather... specifically, we talked about the people who study & predict it. We made this anchor chart so we don't forget what we learned! I did make a sloppy copy first, and then stayed after school to pretty it up!


A Cupcake for the Teacher: An Anchor, a Tip... Five for Friday!

This site has great ideas for all content areas. She gives many activities to use when going over seasonal patterns and weather.

The First Grade Parade: What’s The Weather?!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Circular Seasons and Months Chart/Calendar

Printable Chart for display or project for students allowing a visual of what months are in what seasons. An arrow moves to show not only what month you are in but also what season. Printable pages come in color for quick assembly or black and white to allow students to color and decorate themselves.

Circular Seasons and Months Chart/Calendar

Measuring different aspects of the weather is a great way for kids to aquire an interest in weather

Today In First Grade: What's the Weather?