Spoted Puffer

Spoted Puffer

Love to eat Algae, sometimes i like to eat Plankton. I have a fear of Sharks,If you come near me be carefull, you might get hurt from my sharp poisonous spikes
Spoted Puffer
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This is my old home, I'm moving soon

Coral - a variety of corals form an outcrop on Flynn Reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Often called “rainforests of the sea”, coral reefs form some of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth.

This is me

Pufferfish can be kept as pets. Top 10 Facts About Pufferfish!<<< I used to have a dwarf puffer fish as a pet.

I also hate large fish

Image detail for -Scientists have confirmed that with humans overfishing the big predatory fish at the top of the food chain the smaller fish are thriving in their new niche.

I hate sharks

Sharks divide into two groups for reproduction purposes - live-bearers and egg-layers.

Had algae for Super last night, It was amazing!

Had algae for Super last night, It was amazing!

This is what i had for breakfast today!

Plankton Northern krill: the mid gut is red. It feeds on zooplankton.