Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley
Blagdon, Somerset / British family dairy the right way since 1961
Yeo Valley
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Minted Pea Soup -

This wholesome soup is like a bowlful of spring. Bursting with fresh, zingy flavours and finished with a dollop of our Fat Greek Style Natural Yeogurt, it’s satisfying and healthy, too.

Figs baked with Pomegranate Molasses, Vanilla & Thyme -

Yeo Valley's Figs baked with pomegranate molasses, vanilla and thyme Recipe

Easy Relish for Bonfire Night Bangers -

Your bonfire night bangers will taste all the better with a few dollops of this sweet, chunky relish. With red onions, apples, squash and garlic, it’s the perfect way to spruce up your sausages!

Paddington Bear Marmalade Cakes -

Made using pure fruit marmalade, these cakes would give Paddington Bear a rather zesty spring in his step – and you too, for that matter!

Cheddar & Corn Muffins -

These tasty savoury muffins are a lovely after-school treat for your children – served warm straight from the oven, there’s an oozy chunk of melted cheese in the middle. They make a great lunchbox filler too.