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gartenkamin design garten gestalten pflanzen

gartenkamin design garten gestalten pflanzen

Growing tips on Onions------    The easiest and surest way to grow good onions…

Have you had trouble growing onions? Growing onions can be tricky but these great tips will have you growing a bumper crop of healthy onions. 9 Tricks For Growing Onions. ( Also has a link to an extensive article on how to mulch properly.

Tips For Planting A Container Herb Garden

Tips For Planting A One Pot Container Herb Garden- Growing your own herbs is a great way to save money at the grocery store. I have a vegetable garden but I always have a planter of my most used cooking herbs on my deck for convenience.

How to Grow Herbs Indoors When a Sunny Window is All You Have

Growing herbs indoors in containers is easier than you think! See how to grow herbs in a sunny window so you can have fresh herbs to use for cooking. Use well-drained soil and place it in a sunny spot. The best herbs to grow indoors are chives, cilantro,

All adobe/mud cookstoves and ovens.. | Rocket Stoves.. Experimenters corner…

It& been a full summer. Lots of projects going on around here! Among them, my natural building apprentices spent a LOT of time experimenting with rocket stoves for cooking. Over the course of the