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Function: Selective Visibility- I liked this picture because you can only see where the circles hit the floor

10 Extreme Dog Houses (dog houses, luxurious dog houses, best dog houses) - ODDEE

The Magis Dog House is a polyethylene indoor/outdoor dog house that sits on two stylish stainless steel legs, with a small set of steps leading to the door. Designer: Michael Young for Magis.

Blossoming dubai - based on the form of a blossoming flower. The tower is equipped with two elevators running on spiral rails (spiral of the most simple geometry turning 135 degrees while ascending 138 meters). These lifts ascend from lower ground floor to the cafeteria level and the viewing platform above.

Designed to resemble a blossoming flower, Greek architecture firm Petra Architects recently submitted "Blossoming Dubai" to the Zaabeel Park Tall Emblem Structure Competition. The tower is equipped with two elevators that run on spiral rails which turn 1