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Yiğit Genç
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The Forest. by Vishnu M Nair, via Behance

Loup et le petit chaperon rouge illustration little red riding hood and the wolf attenti al lupo e cappuccetto rosso Rotkäppchen The Forest. by Vishnu M Nair, via Behance

The proper use of the flamethrower.

German soldier lighting his cigarette with a flamethrower somewhere on the eastern front. Example of technology with the flamethrower in How ironic this picture is of how this device which is used to clear bunkers, is being used to light a cigarette

afro guy.

Jimi Hendrix having his hair done whilst reading Mad magazine. Jimi, getting his hair done? I thought he just woke up, put on his cool duds and played guitar like a Rock God. Miss you, Jimi.