Six Traits of Writing for Stick People - show this before teaching about the traits

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Kid Friendly Rubric

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Six Traits breakdown of lessons to complete and check off

Teaching To Inspire In 5th: 6 Traits Writing

FABULOUS website with mini lesson ideas for all six writing traits

Writing | 6 Traits

6+1 Traits

Educational Technology » 6+1 Writing Traits

Lucy Calkins Voice Mini Lesson

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mentor texts....words to paint a picture

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6 + 1 Writing Traits - Mesa Public Schools

Educational Technology » Ideas

Six Traits of Writing Poster

Caffeinated Conclusions

Six Traits

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Wow!!! Could spend a lot of use here. appears to be a site that rich with resources when teaching 6+1 traits of writing

6 Traits Resources

Writer's Workshop...lesson ideas on this teacher's site

Debbie's Dabblings: Writers' Workshop

Great digital newsletter with links to awesome sites for 6 traits...

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Encourage your students to use stronger verbs in their stories and daily writing by displaying these verb word wall cards in your classroom....

Jillian Kennedy

6+1 Writing Traits

6+1 Trait Writing | Education Northwest

How to Teach Descriptive Writing w/ Show me Sentences

Show-Me Sentences: How to Teach Descriptive Writing

engaging beginnings

Panicked Teacher's Blog

unwrapping the word choice trait of writing... good ideas

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Strategies to add more detail

How To Teach Writing: 7 Strategies for Elaboration

writing ideas

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6-trait post-its. the Writing Fix Site

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awesome anchor paper for teaching voice. LOVE it

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six traits-ppts and activities for each trait!

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voices menu

Down Under Teacher: VOICES 6 Traits bulletin board update

Trait Focus: Organization —The concept focus is Organization as sequencing.

WritingFix: a lesson from the NNWP's "Six by Six" Print Guide