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Easy Retro Hair: 1. Make a front part for bangs and put the rest of your hair into a low ponytail. 2. Begin rolling your bangs. 3. Secure with hair pins. 4. This is how your finished bang should look. 5. For this step I have longer hair so I'm taking the hair tie out and only using pins for my bun. For shorter hair, leave your hair in the low ponytail. 6. Twist ponytail into a small bun. 7. Secure firmly with hair pins. 8. Tie a headscarf around your head and in the front, tie two…

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Cover a light bulb with a doily and spray paint it. The light will shine the pattern onto the walls.

Here’s to being single, seeing double, and sleeping triple (20 photos)

New Years!! Champagne Jello Shots: 2 pkg white grape jello, 1 cup boiling water, 1 cup chilled champagne!

Snow Dough

Snow Dough Recipe - great sensory play for toddlers and kids! Made with only 3 ingredients! #playdpughrecipe #playdough #kidscrafts

How To Store Fruits and Vegetables to Keep them From Spoiling - Printable

How to store fruits and vegetables so they won't rot... Example - Celery: wrap it in tin foil - will stay crisp in the fridge for weeks.

I THINK I JUST DIED!!!! 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of food coloring, baking sheet and 10 mins in oven to make edible glitter....