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Yusuf Karakoyun
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The best gas masks (or respirators) are based on the same principle: the air is pulled into the canister that has a filtering system, and then is released.

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Judge Judy Hopps see what i did there? because judge judy is a tv judge and and judy Hopps from the new Disney “zootopia” is a cop.

zootopia all deleted scenes

3 Alternate Scenes from "Zootopia" These clips were captured straight from Blu-ray DVD US Version of the film.

thesleevia: “Another naturalist experience! Poor Judy must be traumatized XD This is the first comic strip I’ve ever tried… hope it looks alright!


Your not a furry for liking Zootopia or shipping the characters. Your a furry if you want to have intimate relations with the bunny.

Politically Correct Easter by wolfjedisamuel on DeviantArt

To all my fellow shorties! From now on WE are the ones who literally look down upon them! I wanted to show my gratitude to two amazing guys.

My own design

My own design