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Why should you do core strengthening exercises? These movements lead to a strong core and a strong spine. They can also improve stability and range of motion in the neck and back. Get more facts in this infographic.

Get core-strong-infographic. This is nice for basic beginning core strengthening. But they forgot a lower back move like bridge or supermans.

10 Steps to a Pretty Waterfall Braid.

10 Steps to a Pretty Waterfall Braid - The waterfall braid definitely takes a few tries before you'll have it perfectly, but the final result is so pretty, it's totally worth it. Check out the step-by-step below!

Amazing what a little working out and eating right can do! What a motivational transformation!

Flat Abs Fast: The Core-Strengthening Workout These belly-flattening exercises work your core from the front, sides, and back for strong, sculpted abs. Workout by Chelsey Korus Flat Abs Fast: The…