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About Sayuri: Spring Dance Sayuri


About Bella Cullen: Birthday Bella repainted by JustCreations

Bella Cullen

About Kristen Stewart: I have repainted this New Moon Twilight Bella Swan doll to accurately capture the likeness of Kristen Stewart.. OOAK Doll Repaint by Artist Pamela Reasor.

Kristen Stewart

About Stella:


About Verity: Verity is an Ashleigh repaint by Jewelianne

Verity | Tonner Doll Duels

About Akoi: Mei Li repaint and highlight by Jon Copeland Seljo Spa

Akoi | Tonner Doll Duels

About Bella Swan: Repaint by Annie now lives with Larry in MN

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About Angelina:

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About Perry: Decadent Dalliance Angelina repainted by Jewelianne.

Perry | Tonner Doll Duels

About Kit: Kit repaint by Jenise Mah of the doll salon

Kit | Tonner Doll Duels

About Flutterwings: This doll was created exclusively for the Metrodolls October 6, 2013 charity auction by Shannon Craven of

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About Sister Act: AM Basics looking beautiful!!!!!

Sister Act | Tonner Doll Duels

History Tonner dolls

Saved by

Maria Muljono

About The Voodo Doll: Cami All Star and her first Rock Tour ! Get your ticket now !

The Voodo Doll | Tonner Doll Duels

About Nu Mood Breathless Lily: Nu Mood Breathless Fashion Lily Basic (2012)outfit Midas Touch (2006), Nu Mood Side Part Wave Blonde Wig (2012)

Nu Mood Breathless Lily

About 4 Nu Mood Lily basic: left to right Nu Mood Tyler Lily basic (2012), Nu Mood Sydney Lily basic (2012), Nu Mood Breathless Lily basic (2012), Nu Mood Jess Lily basic (2012)

4 Nu Mood Lily basic

About The Degas Dancer: Tyler Nu Mood in Patricia Holt dress, Antoinette Wig... can wait for the Finishing Touches for her feet.

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About Stella: repaint by Yian

Stella | Tonner Doll Duels

About Alice: Repaint by Sashableu.

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About New Day: Basically Precarious

New Day | Tonner Doll Duels

About C’est Magnifique: C’est Magnifique Tyler Wentworth (2005)

C’est Magnifique

About Mary in

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About Vanessa: Vanessa is a Celebration Tyler doll repainted by Tracy Weston.

Vanessa | Tonner Doll Duels

About Tess: Tess is a repaintrestyle of a Glinda doll byCheryl Jax (CJax)

Tess | Tonner Doll Duels

About As time goes by Sydney: As time goes by Sydney (2005)outfit Ambient Luxe (2008)

As time goes by Sydney