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A visual effective and catchy series entitled “Lights Edge” by the American photographer Kevin Cooley who captured long exposures of flares shot into the night sky. Other series of Kevin’s photography can be found at his website.

New Wave is the best.

A major band for those who know them, The Sounds hail from Stockholm! They are an indie rock/new wave band that somewhat remind me of Par.

Incredible words from Mario Savio (also the opening to one of my obsession songs right now, Wretches and Kings by Linkin Park)

Really, what are you so scared of?

Breaking & Entering Starlight Sure As Hell Let It Land Fake It Listening Reason To Sing Safe & Sound Thank You & Goodnight Amelia In The First Place To Die For What Are Yo

Parenting is capital "D" difficult. Can I get an "Aaa-men! Restraint is difficult. Showing restraint as a parent is an elevated level of difficult. (I'm feeling every parent reader nodding enthus.

Life's waiting to begin.

Another terrific image from astronaut Don Pettit on the ISS. It's called "The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth.

We'd rather rather make our children Martyrs than murderers. We'd rather make our children... White Flag Warriors.

We'd rather rather make our children Martyrs than murderers.