Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

10 expressions françaises avec des noms d'animaux.

Well...this one went in a completely different direction than I was expecting. Some kids picked time periods, but many picked sentimental times in their lives. Ms. Pawson may have teared up a bit. #miss5thswhiteboard #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram

Make an “I’m Done!” cup so that early finishers aren’t bored. | 37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

Classroom Decor More: Teacher Tool mind said 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' like angels singing... XD

Great Social Studies "where do I live" activity! I laminated the cards so students can do this as a daily practice by using dry erase markers to write and erase their personal information.

List of useful apps for teachers.

This is on a whiteboard in a classroom.

I must remember this!

Tax Deductions for teachers v7---

"Conversational Moves" Anchor Chart. could use this for social skills too.

KABOOM! is a fun, engaging game that is a classroom MUST HAVE! It can be used for all subject areas, easily differentiated, and your kids will beg you to play.

I found this awesome pin on Pinterest! It looks like an art studio painted white canvases and made a beach theme, painting beautiful water and sand. The kids painted their feet with brown paint and stamped it in the sand…how cool for a summer keepsake! I can just imagine younger kids doing it and having baby …

FREE Star Wars Text Generator for K-12 teachers! Make Star Wars themed lesson directions or morning messages. Elementary, middle, and high school students will definitely pay attention when they hear the Star Wars music and see the scrolling space words! Could also use for creative writing prompts, listing groups of students for centers, viewing short reading passages, or publishing students' writing in a fun new way! Star Wars in the classroom equals fun for everybody. :)

Do you have a chatty class? Check out this blog post on 13 Tips for a Talkative Class from :-)

STEM Challenge: Can you build a flotation device for an action figure? from More Than a Worksheet. Guide your students through the entire STEM engineering process with a simple trifold. Teach about buoyancy and density while learning the design process. Reading passage and rubric included, too! $ #STEM #STEMchallenge #STEMengineering

GENIUS! Use dollar store trash cans to sort words by feeding them into the slots!! & a ton of ideas for teaching the EW UE UI vowel pattern!

It's about what kids need, not what you want. #DrLaura #JoinDrLauraFreeFamily

Simple Addition Activities using Beads - Find engaging hands-on activities for learning each Sunday night on An Everyday Story

How to make giant cardboard dice- fun for math learning!

WORD COLLECTION JARS - I adore this! Pull 10 words from the jar and create a story using all 10 words!

The Crafted Sparrow: Have a "Kool" Summer - End of Year Goodbye Gift for Classmates

Title: Exit Ticket Emoji Description: End of lesson task to allow pupils to reflect on how the lesson went via the medium of Emoji. Idea adapted from Twitter. #ded318

incorporating math and reading -- sight word graphing

Lesson about identifying bullying behaviors vs. mean, teasing, or conflict behaviors.