Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelion, "make a wish" I drew one like this a while back as a tat idea.and I thought it was unique.

Dandelion tattoo

Dandelion Ankle Tattoo by alwaysnilla- but.instead of a bird for all your loved ones who have passed.put a star. I like that better.

Best friend tattoo✌ @Sarah Foster I've wanted an infinity symbol...this could be cool for you and me!

Best friend tattoo✌ Chintomby Chintomby Foster I've wanted an infinity symbol.

Celtic Friendship Knot...Best friends tattoo <3

Best friends tattoo but on our feet =D or the base of our hair line on the back of our necks =D

Dandelion <3 So beautiful and delicate.

Delicate dandelion I don't want a tattoo but if I got one this would be perfect! Loved dandelions as a girl

Greenhouse bathroom

greenhouse bathroom-we have an actual greenhouse-I'd like to convert. It would fit a shower,toilet & sink, then possibly a kitchen sink. All this could be hooked up to cistern & sewer.