she chose herself because she wanted to. you didn't have a damn thing to do with it. you should have chosen her but you didn't. and she's moved on to greener pastures.

Her whip lashed out, curling around his forearm. He didn't flinch; he sighed, instead, with his permanent scowl. "Do not treat me like I'm breakable, Malik Bashara--I am not some damsel you have to protect."

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Because Cats! You'll find photos of cats, funny animated gifs, cute and adorable kittens and kitten gifs, cat behavior and tips, cat facts, breeds, health & first aid. Call them Kat, Kot, Katzen, Gatos, Gatitos, кошки, Neko or 猫, it' about cats

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Michigan. In love. Obsessed with my dog. Autumn. Nature. Apple cider. Crisp air. Sweater weather. Cider mills. Fall candles. Reading. Bonfires. Walks in the woods. Chilly nights. Halloween. Hoodies & Jeans.

Art by Kara Haupt. You will receive a high quality inch JPEG file via email. Print it wherever the hell you want. (Print for as cheap as at Staples!

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