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(1) Etiqueta #Mindmapping en Twitter. Lean Canvas describing a company's competitive position

Thanks to Ash Maurya's Lean Canvas, you can focus on what exactly your business will do and not get scattered with other ideas. This also give you a 360 degree view of your business and allow you to communicate your idea better.

sharing economy

From the New York Times couple with the TedTalk-inspiring wedding: a romantic PowerPoint about sharing

Is Your Startup Idea Already Taken? Tech

Is Your Startup Idea Taken? I tend of have these moments, and I'm sure you do too. They're called eureka moments and it's when I think of something like a solution to a problem I believe


Disrupting traditional methods, the On-Demand Business Model is changing traditional business sectors and rapidly growing into the future.

Hyundai toont prototype van draagbaar exoskelet (robotpak)

The Korean car company is creating the wearable robot primarily for factory workers, soldiers, and people with disabilities.