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cat hug

* * BLACK CAT: - " See dat bully kid over der leanin' likes a smart-ass on hiz bike? Me human brought me heres today to wipe dat dipstik grin off de wretched punk's face. Me clawz be ready to transform hiz face.

J'amie chanter

How to Become a Better Singer. While some people seem to be born with inherently beautiful voices, even professional singers have to work hard and practice often to maintain their singing abilities.

Mouth of Flower - Octavio Ocampo This is good art because it is an optical illusion. It could either be just some flowers with a butterfly, or you can also see a woman's face. It is very creative in a subtle way.

Grape Bunches Portrait Photograph by Michael Moriarty - Grape Bunches Portrait Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Color inspiration for Market Fresh stamp set Stampin Up! Grape Bunches Portrait Photograph by Michael Moriarty

Recette pour faire des bâtonnets de fruits glacés chez-soi. Faire de la glace naturelle à base de fruit et sans sucre ajouté. Faire des glaces maisons sans sucre.

Meet the rainbow whole fruit popsicle. No chemicals, artificial colours, no added sugar of any kind, no other ingredients other than whole fruit! In summer sell fruit popsicles

La couleur est surement ce qu'il y a de plus appétissant dans les aliments...

Regarding color, there are painting strokes behind each vegetable that match the size and color respectively. The background is a navy-ish blue almost crossing into a dark purple which contrast the brighter colors go the paint and food.