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Wife and homeschool mom living on a prayer with love, laughter, faith and food.
Jess @ YouMeAndB
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Make your own liquid hand soap with a bar of Mrs. Meyers soap! You can save so much money through this DIY project!

When it comes to cleaning products, I don't take the time to do a lot of DIY projects. I try to find natural cleaning products on sale, and stock up when I

Crispy Baked Chicken Wings Baking wings yields crisp skin without the mess and constant tending of frying. Divide the wings between our two sauces, or double one sauce recipe and use it on all 60 wings.

Open-Faced Crab Salad Toast

Crab is a meaty, flavorful fish. It’s also incredibly healthy. Most of the calories in crab meat come from protein, and crab is a great source of B vitamins. Get all those health benefits (and more) i

Meat and cheese boards are my go-to for super chill, no stress summer entertaining. You can load them up with all your favorite cheese, cured meats, fruit, nuts and spreads. Add some wine and baguette (Cheese Board)

Another great beef recipe is this melt in your mouth Mongolian Beef in the Instant Pot from Living Sweet Moments and a great way to use up your leftover beef.

This Instant Pot chicken and sweetcorn soup is nourishing and delicious. It's a healthier pressure cooker version of the popular Chinese.