What's more touristy than an Aloha shirt?

Hawaiian Prints Are Trending: How to Wear It (Plus 15 Pieces to Buy)

90s flash back costume! Remember that old CD  Rom game called where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Well I found her!

Carmen Sandiego Halloween costumes are a fun character with a great outft for Halloween or other costumed party event. Her bold red classy look makes her stand .

Beyonce & Jay-Z in Old Havana, Cuba | Not sure what Beyonce is rocking... but I love the teal polo and gray striped shorts that Jay-Z has on. I could so see husband wearing something like this.

Beyonce Wears Braided Hair in Bun During Cuba Anniversary Trip With Jay-Z

Travel in Style!

The Ultimate Guide To Dressing For Success

Simple white dress for colonial clothing style. Among accessories a white hat with medium fields plays the lead, brown belt shows the waist, matching white & brown shoes, handbag & luggage bags finalize the impression from the look!

amelia earhart halloween costume - totally doing this sometime since I already have access to the leather flying cap and goggles!

amelia earhart halloween costume - totally doing this sometime because of, well, you know. Cant believe I never dressed as her as a kid!

All aboard!

Inspiration: blue dress suit Sondra Peterson in a blue wool suit, 1958 vintage fashion style color photo print ad model magazine dress red hat gloves belt

Vintage-Inspired Fashion in St. Lucia: Caribbean Cool : Condé Nast Traveler. http://www.cntraveler.com/islands/caribbean/photos-caribbean-hotels-beaches-restaurants-fashion#

Vintage-Inspired Fashion in St. Lucia

The _Condé Nast Traveler_ style team shows you what to wear in the Caribbean this season and the best hotels, restaurants, and beaches in St. Lucia for flaunting your ensembles.

Couple aspirations

Photo shoot in South Africa. Jewelry by Southern African Diamonds, available at Exclusively Diamonds.