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The Halloween Lady mausoleum build- another angle

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Haunted house ideas

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Carving The Foam Capitals For The Skull Mausoleum Pillars

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Your Ghost Host

So scay! About 5 of these in the woods between the bone yard and the coop. Chicken wire over PVC, then drape with canvas and/or burlap? Spook Group Costume for Haunted House

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10 Terrifying DIY Props for Your Haunted House

For the grave digger I picture an older man dressed in overalls or a button up shirt along with jeans. The grave digger will be accompanied by a shovel and a lantern because the gravedigger will have to dig in the later part of night so the grave will be ready to bury Ophelia in the morning.

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entrance to haunted house (or hayrides in my case)

Grim Hollow Haunt: Grim Hollow 2008

Beloved Tombstone

Beloved Tombstone

Cardboard coffin tutorial

Card Board Box Toe Pincher Coffin

DIY: A Creeptastically Eerie Mirror

Domythic Bliss: A Creeptastically Eerie Mirror

Awesome gravestone ideas

Prop Showcase: Show us your stones - Page 81

dollar store skulls with led christmas lights (Shingle Creek Manor)

Shingle Creek Manor

HauntForum fireplace out of cardboard

fireplace and clock out of cardboard - HauntForum

Catacomb Corridor

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Set design class for haunted houses part 1

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Amazingly detailed haunted house wall. For more detailing information visit

Haunted House Startup - The Business Behind The Screams!

haunted house ideas

Remember the Time

Haunted House This could be painted on luan.

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Porch Reaper by rogueshollow, via Flickr

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Creaky Floor Tunnel by deadspider, via Flickr Love the red lights under the floor boards.

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Entering the asylum

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Grim Hollow Haunt

Grim Hollow Haunt: Brewing

How to Haunt Your House - The Mitchell's experimented with their own version of plastic ghosts in 2012. This ghost glided over the walkway.

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Behind the scenes at Martha Stewart's haunt

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Haunt Ventures Haunted House reality web series is a vlog featuring affordable DIY and helpful horror how-to tutorials with detailed information, scare tips and tricks by HIY Productions, Jason Dasti and Melissa Mcknight. The two operate the PowerHouse of Terror in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Join us on Facebook

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Haunt it Yourself.....HOW-TO for DIY Haunted Houses!

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