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Our mission is "To Promote Running for Good Health"

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On this special occasion of World Heart Day let us share a story of a man who after his cardiac bypass surgery has run 3 half marathons and is training for his 4th half marathon. In this World Heart Day special blog post, we share some facts about his transformation from a sedentary individual to a healthy individual. Read more. ‪#‎WorldHeartDay‬ ‪#‎Running‬ ‪#‎Training‬ ‪#‎MarathonRunning‬

We at YouTooCanRun reply to any emails regarding event registration queries or any other queries within 24 working hours on working weekdays. #YouTooCanRun #RACES #ticketing #platform

“Two Feet to Fly” is a testament to the power that running brings to our lives. A simple activity, running has the ability to liberate us from personal challenges and this film captures the inspiring stories of six runners from across India who have overcome various issues – health complications, obesity, smoking, blindness, poverty, personal tragedy – and have come out stronger. The film seeks to inspire more people to take up running to experience the sheer joy that life is. #running…

‘From the Mountain to the Ocean – Run with Roshni’ is Roshni Rai’s inspiring story, about how she started running marathons and about her project ‘Run with Roshni’.

With an increase in running events, there is a choice for runners. Naturally discussions often veer towards judging the quality of the events. There are many criteria to evaluate and come to a judgment about a particular running event or the event organizers behind the event. #runningevents #marathons

Run too slow and you have lost minutes which could have been chopped off and run too fast and you end up in the inevitable death crawl. Striking the fine balance is easier said than done. It is part art and part science. Click on the image to see various factors at play. #running

The ‘form’ that you should have on race day is the combination of two factors. Your Training Load and your Recovery. So Good Training Load + Adequate Recovery = Good form on race day. #running #race

RACES (Runners' Automated Complete Engagement System) is "India's only fully featured and completely serviced running event technology platform".RACES Statistics ending 30th June, 2015. #RunningEvents #India #OnlinePlatform

At the Dream Runners Half Marathon 2015 held on Sunday, 26th July 2015, 7 months pregnant Bavani Gopal was awarded the “Spirit of YouTooCanRun” award. #running

Watch the video to find out more. #running #training #thinking