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    All the Cool Kids KNIT or Crochet

    Vintage and contemporary images of folks doing needlework... Crafter trashtalk... issues of fibre addictions... Fibre art history... Also check the spin-off board "All the Cool Kids SEW or QUILT"...

    All the Cool Kids KNIT or Crochet

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    Thou shalt not crochet a bodysuit.


    Slow Yarn celebrates a slower, simpler way of life through engaging deeply with each part of the crochet process from yarn sourcing to upcycling. A few thoughts and links at the click.

    The Slow Yarn Movement

    quiteupsidedown: Photography by Ivan Aguirre for Blink magazine

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    Although first I'm concentrating on designing it . . . then I'll get around to casting on.

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    knitted Elvis wig. "Why? If you need to ask that, you're on the wring website."

    Knitted Wig - Elvis

    I may be forced to replicate this. [Look closely: the fire BURNS.]


    In a coffeehouse on the south side of St Louis, a group of women knit, purl, soothe themselves, support each other, and dismantle white supremacy. Interesting story at click.

    Ferguson's radical knitters: fighting for justice, one purl at a time


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    vintage Mabel Lucie Attwell book illustration

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    Why be out and on the go? There's something to be said, you jnow, for pussycats - and knitting! (Mabel Lucie Attwell postcard), via Flickr.

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    Mermaid, knitting a tail-cozy | Lilliput, August 1950 |

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    Russian artist Edward Pustovoitov gives us a crone who seems to be knitting up a cosmos. [More like her at ]

    Edward Pustovoitov 1964 ~ Fantasy and surrealist painter | Tutt'Art@ | Pittura * Scultura * Poesia * Musica |

    5 ways to make using DPNs easier - LoveKnitting blog

    5 ways to make using DPNs easier

    Penguin Audiobooks print ad campaign

    Penguin Audiobooks: Knitting

    In case of emergency, break glass

    Knitting Memes Humor Jokes Cartoons | In the Loop Knitting

    among the most common Lies of Knitters

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    "The best way I've found to fight my anxiety is with a pair of knitting needles... The rhythm of stitches, the steadiness and the solidity of the ever-growing project — these are REAL, the antidote to the made-up apocalyptic extrapolation that is my anxiety’s bread and butter. What’s more, they’re under your control, progressing at exactly the rate and (sometimes) in exactly the manner you choose. Crafting is a lot like sex or yoga, how it shrinks your immediate world down..."

    Knitting Myself Back Together

    Buddy had had enough of those unique sweaters.

    Smile! 15 More Funny Family Photos

    Elizabeth Jolliff of Polperro. Girls learn to knit at an early age. Cornwell

    Tradition and History, The Cornish Gansey Company

    "The Three Fates" by David Spear Alleyway Arts | Prints

    Alleyway Arts | Prints

    Knitter's Slang. Essential for keeping up with the knitting internet

    Knitter’s Slang: Knitting Terms You Need to Know

    The Knitting Bear

    The Knitting Bear

    In honor of April being #StressAwarenessMonth, we are celebrating 30 days of different ways to Stitch Away Stress. Join us throughout April for fun tips, projects, giveaways, and conversations related to unwinding with yarn. Follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, join the conversation, and let us know how your health benefits from knitting and crochet. Tag your photos and posts with #stitchawaystress!

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    Bahahahaha. I feel like such a dangerous old lady with my knitting.

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    Old Cabinet Photo. Well Dressed Lady & Gent.Lady Knitting. 1800s Macclesfield