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Susan mulcock amazing felt pictures

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Susan mulcock beautiful tones in felt

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Susan mulcock outstanding felt

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Susan mulcock felt painting truly amazing

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Cheese slices for play sandwiches - this website has a ton of free felt food patterns / tutorials.

Pieces by Polly: Sliced Cheese - Felt Food Cook Along - Day 18

Stephanie Metz at work on a felted wool portrait bust

Never Felt Better!!

Stephanie Metz Felt Sculpture PrivateSphere

Stephanie Metz Felt Sculpture PrivateSphere

fabulous felt wings

Artwork by Melita Curphy

WORKING AT LARGE SCALE: 'Anthropod' by American felt artist & textile designer Sonya Yong James (photo by Louis Cahill) from the book "500 Felt Objects." via hybrid handmade

500 Felt Objects, Lark Books

couching, and couched roving!

Broderibloggen fyra år | Broderibloggen

This was created by taking a long strip of wool perhaps 1" wide, and sewing a sturdy thread in a running stitch down the middle. With every stitch you give it a double twist. Then you pull on the thread and the wool puckers forming a plush long strip. That strip can be sewn into a circle mat such as this, or made into a necklace, or it could even become your Christmas tree garland!

Threads of Miz: The GMRHG Summer Hook-in

NORAGI 2000 TSUGI byTomie Nagano of Hokkaido. She fell in love with indigo-dyed "noragi" used by rural workers in her grandfather's day. She collected about 2000 noragi and kimono, with a mission of handing this beautiful Japanese cloth over to the next generation. She taught herself quiltmaking to give the fragments new life. Her main theme is 'home town'. Exhibited at 'Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2013

TOKYO International Great Quilt Festival 2013 | Places of interest

Deconstructing yarn, to make a bit of roving in the color you need for felting

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INSPIRATION for silk chenille! Instructions for Nuno Felted Scarf by nownzen on Etsy. "transform layers of hand-painted silk, wool roving and novelty art yarns into gorgeous flowing fabric. During the felting process, the wool fibers migrate through the weave of the silk and entangle, pulling the silk and any other embellishments along with them as they shrink. This results in an incredibly lightweight garment that drapes the body beautifully."

Instructions for Nuno Felted Scarf

felt purse - with spiral/shell detail - Brita Stein

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Nuno felted shawl, merino wool, mulberry by ArtInTouch, $150.00

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Felted Cuffs - Felted gloves - Arm warmers - Felt hand warmers - Nuno Felted Cuffs- Azure Leaf

New Diy Crafts

Felted black/green wool slippers - soft, shaded and toasted colors

Felted black/green wool slippers with colorful decoration

Kandinsky felt - what a great new Kandinsky idea!

365 / 212 - 320 pieces of Felt

felt scarf by irit dulman - lovely ombre shading to the edges

Scarf / Фото #64 - КAROLIINA ARVILOMMI - renew - Curves of yarn? Pencil roving?

���� #64 - �AROLIINA ARVILOMMI - renew

Zauberjacke Vorderansicht - I like the color contrasts, and the shaded concentric circles

Jana's Kreatives Tagebuch: Die gemeinsame Zauberjackennäherei…

felt coasters a little free-motion embroidery at edges and in spirals

HomeWork | Create Every Day

chair covered with nuno felt - how comfy!

Felt-Covered Furniture


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