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Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders published research on 233 children ages 14 to 49 months diagnosed with autism. The researchers examined the relationship of motor skills on the adaptive behavior composite, daily living, adaptive social and adaptive communicative skills while holding constant the age, non-verbal problem solving, and the severity of autism. The following results …

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Life Skills Checklists

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Quick, Quicker and Quickest - Your Therapy Source

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Shoe Tying Tips and Tools for Kids

Teach kids how to tie their shoes free printable

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Personal Hygiene Rubric - Your Therapy Source

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Dressing Skills - Your Therapy Source

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Here is the newest download from Your Therapy Source – Calm Down Cards.  This is a wonderful collection of photographs with calming phrases to help children to calm down.  You can download a free poster – Just Breathe. This set of Calm Down Cards includes 30 full size photographs with calming phrases (11″ by 8.5″ …

Calm Down Cards - Your Therapy Source

Life Skill of the Month - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Life Skill of the Month | Your Therapy Source

No Time For Flash Cardsfrom No Time For Flash Cards

Food Activities at Free Choice in Preschool

List of food activities for free choice at preschool from No Time For Flash Cards

Food Activities at Free Choice in Preschool - No Time For Flash Cards

Occupational Therapy Shoe Box Screw/ Unscrew Lids - Your Therapy Source

Occupational Therapy Box - Open Close Lids

Life Skills Checklists

Life Skills Checklists - Your Therapy Source

My Goal Tracker

My Goal Tracker - Your Therapy Source

Summary: Therapeutic Activities for Home and School provides pediatric therapists with over forty, uncomplicated, reproducible activity sheets and tips that can be given to parents and teachers. Each activity sheet is written in a simple format with no medical terminology. The therapist is able to simply mark the recommended activities for each child.  By providing …

Therapeutic Activities for Home and School - Your Therapy Source

Leisure Activities, Modifying the Environment and Children with Disabilities

Leisure Activities, Modifying the Environment and Children with Disabilities - Your Therapy Source

Here are a few suggestions for squeezing in some more practice for activities of daily living and positive reinforcements: Button Bags – sew a felt bag that has a few button closures at the top. In order for the children to get the reward they must unbutton the bag to reveal the prize. Zippered …

Using Activities of Daily Living for Positive Reinforcement - Your Therapy Source

Researchers from the University of Montreal taught a group of subjects a new sequence of piano-type finger movements on a box.  Using functional MRIs, the subject’s brains were analyzed during their performance of the task before and after a period of sleep. In addition, the same test was performed by a control group at the …

Want to Improve Motor Learning? Go to Sleep. - Your Therapy Source

Physical Therapy published research on the differences between 25 children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) and 25 of their peers with typical development for activities of daily living (ADL) performance, learning, and participation, and the predictive values of these aspects. All of the children’s parents completed the DCD Daily-Q. The DCD Daily-Q is a 23 …

ADLs and Children with DCD - Your Therapy Source

The Journal of Autism and Developmental Disabilities published research that examined the relationship over time between behavioral functioning (autism symptoms, maladaptive behaviors, activities of daily living) and vocational/educational activities of 153 adults (mean age of 30.2 years) with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The results were the following: greater vocational independence and engagement was related to reductions …

Vocational Activities and Autism - Your Therapy Source

Autism published research examining the daily living skills standard scores on the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales–2nd edition in 417 adolescents with Autism spectrum disorder.  All participants had at least average intelligence. Using statistics, a “daily living skills deficit,” was defined as below average daily living skills in the context of average intelligence quotient. The results …

Daily Living Skills in Adolescents with Autism - Your Therapy Source

School based occupational therapists frequently evaluate and treat students with learning disabilities especially including handwriting difficulties in some districts.  Many school districts are moving away from handwriting instruction although students are still required to submit handwritten assignments.  Children with learning disabilities may have slow, illegible handwriting resulting in decreased written output.  Students in early elementary …

Teaching Handwriting to Students with Learning Disabilities - Your Therapy Source

The Kindergarten Connectionfrom The Kindergarten Connection

Fine Motor Color Matching Flowers

fine motor flowers with buttons

Fine Motor Color Matching Flowers - The Kindergarten Connection


Teach Kids How to Use a Zipper

Teach kids how to use a zipper and Help kids learn how to zipper clothing using recycled materials that you probably have in your house. This activity works on all of the individual skills needed for the motor planning of zippering a zipper and uses just a ribbon and plastic bread ties.

Teach Kids How to Use a Zipper

Clever Ways to Teach Kids to Tie Shoes (Tons of Shoe Tying Tips, Tricks, and Modifications!)

Clever Ways to Teach Kids to Tie Shoes (Tips & Modifications)

step by step picture cooking recipes

Step By Step Picture Cooking Recipes - Blog

Clever Occupational Therapy trick to help kids practice putting on and taking off socks all by themselves! #OTtips #OThack #childdevelopment

Clever Way to Practice Taking off and Putting on Socks!