Gross Motor Skills

Activities to promote gross motor skill activities

Gross Motor Skills

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Brain Breaks Switcheroo Task Card Activity

Brain Breaks Switcheroo Task Card Activity

The Move Cube- physical activity

The Move Cube

Simple Tunnel Play Activities for babies toddlers and preschoolers. CanDo Kiddo

12 Simple Tunnel Games For Babies, Toddlers And Preschoolers

Locomotor skills running

Development of Motor Skills – Running

gross motor activities movement monday


congruent feedback - www.YourTherapySo...

Do You Use Congruent Feedback?


POTS Gross Motor Infographic

Body awareness card freebie from Personal Space Journey at yourtherapysource...

Personal Space Journey – Body Awareness Freebie | Blog

Letter Q activity idea Sensory motor group activities free

Sensory motor group activities free

7 Ways To Encourage Gross Motor Development - So Simple! - Pink Oatmeal

7 Ways To Encourage Gross Motor Development - Pink Oatmeal

Make a shape matching game which involves the whole body. Stick shapes on a window as well as on the floor beneath the window. The aim of the game is to locate & match the shapes by placing a hand on the window shape & a foot on the corresponding floor shape. (",)

A Shape Matching Game on the Window - Childrens Stories

Reindeer Action

Reindeer Action

Being inside on bad weather days can be tough, but indoor gross motor activities like this DIY yoga mat hopscotch game can help kids burn energy and keep mom and kids free from indoor day frustration!

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A progression for teaching young children to jump rope.

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TO DO NO HARM: We Must Re-Think Our Playgrounds - Playground Professionals

TO DO NO HARM: We Must Re-Think Our Playgrounds

Get Moving on the Playground - Playground Professionals

Get Moving on the Playground

Press Here Movement Game from Homegrown Friends

Press Here Movement Game

Motor Skills Preposition Game with Free Printable

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10 Gross Motor Alphabet Activities

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mat in hoepels

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Nice infographic on gross motor skills. Visit www.yourtherapyso... for gross motor activity ideas.

Infographics Archives - North Shore Pediatric Therapy
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Ideas for games you can play with parachutes...or bedsheets...or a Batman blanket. You know...whatever!

parachute play ideas

5 ways to use a yoga mat besides yoga

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self regulation games for children www.YourTherapySo...

Self Regulation Activities | Blog
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