Sensory Diet Activities

Sensory Diet Activities

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Typical Classroom Sensory-Based Problem Behaviors & Suggested Therapeutic Interventions available at yourtherapysource...

Sensory Based Problem Behaviors and Suggested Interventions

Kid Created fidget idea

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Toe Walking, Motor Skills and Sensory Processing from www.YourTherapySo...

Motor Skills, Sensory Processing and Toe Walking

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips: Handy Sensory Lap Pads!

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips: Sensory Lap Pads!

All About Staying Calm Glyph

All About Staying Calm Glyph

Sensory Integration | Strategies for Sensory Integration on ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy ...

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Take 5 Breathing Exercise for Kids

Managing BIG Emotions: Take 5 Breathing | Childhood101

Make a Lap Belt - a DIY Sensory Tool - Kids Activities Blog

Make a Lap Belt - a DIY Sensory Tool - Kids Activities Blog

Velcro on poker chip as a fidget in a child's pocket

DANCING IN DES MOINES! - Dr. Jean & Friends Blog

sensory strategies for swimming

Sensory Strategies for Swimming

Poster – Everyday sensory integration

Poster – Everyday sensory integration
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As kids grow older, their sensory processing issues may appear differently. Young children with sensory processing issues might be extremely fussy. In grade school, they might be awkward and have difficulty with transitions. And as teenagers, they may have trouble figuring out personal space.

How Your Child’s Sensory Processing Issues May Change Over Time

Calm Down Yoga Routine for Kids: Printable | Childhood101

Calm Down Yoga Routine for Kids: Printable | Childhood101

Brain Breaks Spring only $0.99 until 3/12/15 www.yourtherapyso...

Brain Breaks for Spring $0.99 Until Tomorrow

Tip sheet for improving sensory tolerance for brushing teeth. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @SOS Inc. Resources.

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These easy calming activities for after school are great for young kids or preschoolers that need to wind down at the end of the day.

Calming Activities For After School: Pintorials - Crafts on Sea

Make Stress Fidgets - $1 pool noodle + 1 serrated knife + 2 minutes = 52 stress fidgets for the upcoming school year. That's a time and financial investment even I could afford! Great idea from Danielle at School Counselor Blog. OR Use a funnel to fill round balloons with corn starch, flour, or sand. Fold the neck of the balloon over, and put inside of another balloon that you've snipped the neck off of. Repeat with a third balloon. Just double-check with ...

Anger Management Activities

Printable Zones of Regulation | First, I made a free download that you can snag here .

Regulation Strategies for SLPs

Personal Space Journey Packet - includes body awareness exercises, board game, handwriting activities, personal space social story and more! On sale until 2/28/15

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Do you have an older child with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)? Do you need some fresh ideas for your older child to help meet their sensory needs? Findin

10 “Grown Up” Sensory Activities for an Older Child and/or Teenager

7 things you did you your baby that you child still needs

7 Things you did for your baby that your child still needs.
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Holy Ball Pit Batman! | YourTherapySource... Blog

Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!

Sensory Over-Responsivity, Autism and Sleep more info at yourtherapysource...

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Free Chore Chart | Heavy Work to Focus and Calm Kids

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Sensory Hacks for Fidgety Child | Simple solutions that I am going to try today! Such great ideas for the classroom and home!

Sensory Hacks to Focus a Fidgety Child - Lemon Lime Adventures
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    I am in need of some ideas to help with a child in my classroom who become angry and aggressive..