Yudai Taoka

Yudai Taoka

月にキックボードで旅行したいです。 I want to visit the moon by kick board. 光と闇の間に存在する魅力について研究しています。 I research attraction exists between light and dark. 「blinking」 https://vime
Yudai Taoka
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De opdracht dicteerde het zoeken van inspiratie in micro en macro structuren uit de natuur. Dit kon zowel van organische levende wezens ( dieren, planten, organismen) als an-organische materialen (…

Italian artist Carlo Bernardini has been working with optic fiber since He creates light sculptures or, more precisely, spatial drawings using optical fibers and in a sense sculpts the darkne…

(4) https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/1b/42/1b/1b421bc2f58152d786cac4690de4c7bf.jpg | MA Research- Architecture | Pinterest

Immersive Kaleidoscope Tunnel Built Inside a Shipping Container

Mirrored Pavilion

Ring II Installation by Arnaud Lapierre, photo: ©Ghislain Coumes French designer Arnaud Lapierre has updated his cubic mirror Ring installation that “breaks the

The chess board looking lighting set up is special because of its unnatural top light design.

Some pretty solid shutter cuts on these lights. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

Hans Kotter | TRIANGULATION by Hans Kotter. "German artist Hans Kotter works at the intersection of photography, design, and technology, creating sculptures and installations that give physical form to light"

Hans Kotter: Limitless Light Sculptures for limitless hours of appreciation.