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まるで夢の中!箱根にあるステンドグラスの塔がとても美しいんです | キナリノ

まるで夢の中!箱根にあるステンドグラスの塔がとても美しいんです | キナリノ

岩手県花巻にある宮沢賢治童話村にて 宮沢賢治生誕120周年を記念して 記念事業がスタート 宮沢賢治の代表作 「銀河鉄道の夜」「どんぐりと山猫」の作品世界を表現…

It's more open and it's got some reflective shiny stuff in it that probably refracts light in some cool ways

I am recutting this large boulder opal (4 1/2 inches long) into three stones...Bill Kasso

Recutting this large boulder opal inches long) into three stones.

Time To Sort Out The Mess – 20 Tips For A Well-Organized Garage

Let’s Re-Cycle Your garage is a great place to repurpose old items and give them new life as storage containers and organizers. With a little modification, this old crate serves as a bicycle rack and a helmet cubby.