Yumbox Lunch Packing

Yumbox is not just a bento box. It's a lunchbox that makes it easy to optimize your child's nutritional health. Pack healthy, balanced and portion controlled meals on the go in a snap. If you pack Yumboxes and would like to share your creations with others, please write to hello@yumboxlunch.com to be invited to this board.

Yumbox Lunch Packing

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Summer days are busy days. Best to prepare those healthy lunches or snacks in a Yumbox to take with you on your summer outings. Yumbox is not only for packed school lunches! #packedlunch

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    Teirra Butler

    This would be ideal for an easy weekday lunch!

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    Where did u get the container????????

Keep lunches colorful for picky eaters and they will be more likely to eat wider variety. This Yumbox in Ananas Yellow contains ham and spinach wraps, cheese, carrots, fruit, tomatoes and olives. Few little chocolates for a treat.

Pineapple Yellow Yumbox. Spring 2015 Pastels Collection

Gelato Blue Yumbox. The perfect summer accessory for lunches, snacks, picnics and trips.

Pink Lemonade Yumbox. For school lunches, picnics, summer getaways and toddler meals.

Lavande Purple Yumbox Original. Pack lunch in style for kids, teens and even adults.

Yumbox lunch with a roll, roast beef slices wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves, tomatoes, radishes, kiwi strawberries and raspberries, cheddar cheese cubes and mayo for dipping.

Packed lunches around the world. Add exotic tastes to your packed lunches with our guide on how to easily recreate delicious globally inspired meals.

  • Lindsey

    America: 8 strips of Bacon, 2 slices of frozen pizza, 1 hotpocket, 1 bigmac, Starbucks, Fries, Mcdonalds Milk shake, and a Pepsi

  • Lindsey

    This is why we aren't on the list

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    Mines a sandwich and chips

  • Alena

    And a a water.

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    Uhm nobody's lunch looks like that 😂😂😂

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easy to make grain free, gluten free, school lunch idea: mini pizza quiches

Yumbox packed with Spain inspired ingredients: Spanish tortilla, sauté of turkey breast, chorizo and shrimp, pepper, baby tomatoes, strawberries and almonds.

Recipe and suggestions on how to make mini wraps with maxi flavor. Wonderful addition to healthy packed lunches for kids and adults.

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    Panda Inn Restaurant

    Omg, I adore this.

Puzzle Yumbox for Autism Awareness Month

Our Yumbox Pastels Collection is here! Bento in style with Yumbox.

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    Diane Kelly

    Each of my kids has a Yumbox and we love them! We have recommended them to friends and classmates.

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    Leigh Katharine lunch boxes

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    Amanda Afonso

    Are these leak proof?! I've used some bento boxed before and put berries in them after washing. By the time I had reached for my lunch at work, the berry juice had leaked into my bag! I'm looking for bento boxes that will not do that next time!

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    Laurie Corbett

    We have one and love it!

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Vegetarian lunch made cute with mini wraps. Lunch packed in Tutti Frutti Yumbox Panino.

Brazilian cuisine inspired Yumbox lunch: cheese rolls, grilled pork with beans and corn, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, passion fruit and some nuts and raisins for a snack.

Mediterranean diet inspired packed lunch. This Yumbox has an orzo pilaf with roasted veggies, oregano and lemon poached chicken breast, stuffed grape leaves, salad of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, kalamata olives and yogurt with pomegranate seeds.

French school lunch "fait mason". This Yumbox lunch has slices of herb rubbed beef roast over arugula, pickles, radishes, brie cheese, strawerribes, clementine, sugared almonds and a piece of crusty baguette on a side.

Yumbox lunches with smoked turkey, cheese, baby tomatoes, crackers, apple slices and greek yogurt with caramelized apples.

Spring 2015 collection arriving soon. Sign up at www.yumboxlunch.com to be the first to know when this pastel collection will be available for sale.

Yumbox Panino vs. Yumbox Original Comparison — PLUS enter to win a Yumbox of your choice! #giveaway

A week of Yumbox lunches - mamabelly.com

Dozens of photos of kids' lunches packed in Yumbox bento boxes. By Wendolonia.

Reboot your system with this delicious detox Yumbox lunch. This is vitamin and energy packed little box that will refresh you and satiate your afternoon appetite. In this Figue Purple Yumbox Panino we have cucumber spears, rye crackers, cheddar cubes, grapes, blueberries, orange slices and pecans. Eat light. Eat fresh. Yumbox makes healthy eating a breeze.

Yumbox container used Whole grain woven crackers Applegate ham Organic cheese slices Watermelon Carrots Frozen peas (defrosted by lunchtime)

Mr. Mustache bento in the Yumbox