The 6 Principles of Design Infographic

The 6 Principles of Design, Arnav Sameer

チャートを効果的に使ったサイト「Everlane」 | ビジュアルシンキング

Infographic showing a production timeline for a backpack. I like the use of the visual lead of the timeline but it uses uneven units.

Alfonso Bialetti 1933

The perfect coffee pot. I love my stove top coffee pot. If I knew metal work I'd make one myself with this plan. Alfonso Bialetti 1933 Love Coffee - Makes Me Happy

分類脳で地アタマが良くなる #infographics

i love how the simplicity of this design catches your attention

鳥を見に旅に出よう トリップアドバイザーのインフォグラフィックスで世界の旅が見える // Hi Friends, look what I just found on #web #design! Make sure to follow us @moirestudiosjkt to see more pins like this | Moire Studios is a thriving website and graphic design studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Asian infographics are wonderfully interesting.

英語で伝える富士山の魅力 トリップアドバイザーのインフォグラフィックスで世界の旅が見える

Unique Infographic Design, All About Fujisan



Galileo followers on Behance

There is a nice elegance to the design and the colors compliment each other very well.

cool boat illustrations, nice colour palette

Map/Infographic: Overnight Ferry Routes of Japan Well, this is pretty much the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen. An awesome map/infographic combo from Japan showing overnight ferry routes in that.


History of cup noodle.

ひと目でわかる「クラフトビール」の“違い”早見表 | ZUNNY

ひと目でわかる「クラフトビール」の“違い”早見表 | ZUNNY

世界のトウガラシ(&カラ~い料理)辛さ比較 トリップアドバイザーのインフォグラフィックスで世界の旅が見える

infographic on peppers

Inspiración Diseño Web 3# 08/2012 - via

Inspiración Diseño Web 3# 08/2012 - mlmonferrer - Portfolio y Blog

Visual cricket infographic design, very swanky.


Restroom signs at 川村記念美術館VI, Japan by Irobe Design Institute

Sinestesia Festival Identity on Behance

Inspiration to really push the bold graphic vibes.