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Barbie Barbie Barbie

Buy your Anniversary Limited Edition Barbie Print by Art For Kids here. Beloved by women of all generations, Barbie has always been every little girl's favorite doll. Art For Kids has captured this time

女性の衣装 : ファンタジー過ぎるグルジアの民族衣装 【ナウシカの元ネタ!?】 - NAVER まとめ

“The first garment” – For popularization of Georgian traditional “chokha.” Collection presented by the Georgian National Ballet ensemble, Sukhishvilebi, Erisioni and Rustavi dancers. Dresses below are by Samoseli Pirveli.

遂に履ける!一流ブランド9社がシンデレラの『ガラスの靴』を 再現しました*にて紹介している画像

遂に履ける!一流ブランド9社がシンデレラの『ガラスの靴』を 再現しました*にて紹介している画像

These are the 100 most iconic wedding dresses of all time.

Here’s a full, mind-blowing version of the graphic with all 100 dresses, from Indian actress Aishwarya Rai to British royal Zara Phillips. It’s hard to pick just ONE favorite: Here Are 100 Of The Most Stylish Celeb Wedding Gowns Ever