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Fun ideas for barrel trains and homemade amusement!

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Barrel composter

Barrel composter

Cool table design using a barrel!

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Cool table design using a barrel!

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Do it yourself ideas with tires Do you have many used tires in your garage? You can make so many great DIY ideas with them. Do you want some advice? Do it yourself ideas with tires for great plant containers Plant a tire, delete it so that it fits well with a particular part of your ... Read moreDo It Yourself Ideas With Old Tires – 20 Inspirational Examples

VBS train project!

Cardboard Train

Cardboard train.

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Bucks Barrel!

Bucks Barrel!

plastic barrel chair/    plastic barrel, plywood, rubber edge, soft seat, metal connectors

SEATS | junktion

Too cute!

Drum Barrel Outdoor Child Kiddie Ride On Yard Train Car | eBay

Drum barrel - 55 gallon, 24" x 35" x 36". Seat - child seat is bolted to drum and has a nylon strap seatbelt with plastic clip / buckle. Hitch - clevis style and uses a 1/2" pin. Kids love it!