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Although this is from the same project as another pin a just put up, I thought it was a beautiful contrast to the other courtyard although they clearly speak the same language

Interpretations of Chinese courtyards begin with a large rectangular garden contained at the heart of the building. Meanwhile, a top-lit atrium is located on the eastern side of the plan and forms the centre point for four smaller indoor courts.

Paravent ARA grégoire de Lafforest & Mireille Herbst - Photo: Jérôme Galland

grégoire de lafforest + mireille herbst's ARA screen takes influence from the macaw parrot - the enveloping structure has been assembled using individual lacquered parts, that reflect a complimentary alliance of different blues.

Hotel redesign by Neri&Hu featuring glass boxes and bronze columns.

Built by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office in Zhengzhou, China with date Images by Pedro Pegenaute. Framing a Journey through the City In their design for Le Meridien hotel, Shanghai-based firm Neri&Hu envisions .