Clever Growing Plant Illusion Interactive Business Card Design

Jenna Russell designed these clever business cards as part of a student project which ended up winning her a couple of awards.

Yellow Corporate Business Card

Buy Yellow Corporate Business Card by Pix-LAB on GraphicRiver. Yellow Corporate Business Card compatibility through different placement and you and your company will add an air of .

Beautiful Name Card

Creative folded pop-up business card concept. Looks like a bird in a cage; open it to free the bird and read contact details. Designed by: Sara Mantle Designed by: Sara Mantle

name card

Business card design / Crafting a clever business card is an art that never gets old. Just when you think everything is going digital, ABH International Packers & Movers drops this creative stunner.

Name card

Name card


thedesk: “ Unlisted collection is a group of unconventional boutique hotels and restaurants in Singapore, China and United Kingdom. Foreign Policy has designed a whimsical and quirky and dada inspired brand identity that definitely stands out from.