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This. just. changed. my. life.

Is this DIY bra storage genius or what? Just align some hooks and hangers to place your bras on so they all stay in place! It’s perfect and won’t ruin the cups of your bras.

So pretty.

makes me want to make a blanket. Full Spectrum Granny Square Blanket Made of 63 different coloured granny squares All these colors are blended in rainbow order starting from the middle creating a swirl and they never repeat

Free pattern ♥ HEART ♥

José Crochet: Free pattern ♥♥♥ HEART ♥♥♥ pattern is for the basic heart and then embellish at your will! What fun! Same pattern as the door stop (actually not a stop, but helps the door shut quietly by hanging over the top of the door) Thanks

人とノブのボタンの物語 - スレッドボタンザビーネKrump

人とノブのボタンの物語 - スレッドボタンザビーネKrump

Not sure where this was taken, but look at the beautiful patterns of embroidery / quilting by these wonderful ladies!

We are losing this wonderful artform! :( Hand embroidery-traditional folk art, Folk Art at Tate Britain, until 31 August 2014