Alice Waddington

Alice Waddington

Rainbow Palace, Madrid / <3
Alice Waddington
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Hand Carved Pearl Ring By Shinji Nakaba

Hand Carved Pearl skulls Ring By Shinji Nakaba. I don't need a whole ring. Just one of these beauties on a chain, or in a little glass cloche display.

Personal style: Ryan Storer ear cuff | We The People

Bad ass cuff by Ryan Storer. This swavorksi and pearl ear cuff makes a statement, but it’s also beautifully refined. Ornate but still completely wearable. Ryan’s first collection includes bangles, earrings, neckpieces and of course ear cuffs.

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How many of you know of Vampira? Vampira Maila Nurmi - The Original Glamour Ghoul! (December 1922 – January - Maila Nurmi was a Finnish