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Yves Luther
Yves Luther
Yves Luther

Yves Luther

Addicted 2 superior UX, innovation, benchmarking, longboarding & gadgets. Knows about ICT, Social Media & Enterprise 2.0. Owner & MD of

Pac Seat by Bruno Marques – now please make some ghosts too…

pacman mosaic table

QLOCKTWO W – The world′s first wristwatch in words

Suunto Core All Black

Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome Series Wireless Controllers

LEGo campaign bei JvM – can you name the characters? More here: www.designtagebuc...

8-Bit Movie Posters – Star Wars

Vadim Kibardin's Black & White Clock Concept

Portal 2 Life-Size Inflatable Sentry Turret

Raspberry Pi Model B

Since LEGO Minecraft may be less time-consuming than the real game…

iCade 8-Bitty – a Bluetooth controller for iPads, iPhones and Androids, a retro gamer's wet dream.

Woah – my pre-order will arrive on April 3rd. May the force be with me.

Clear – a soon to be released Todo app with innovative gestures and slick UI.

50 Jahre James Bond 007 - 22 Filme auf Blue-Ray.

Hello Kitty Face Dress – cuter than today's shopping marathon with my three girls.

Poke while taking a shower with the Social Shower Curtain.

GIZMON iCA is an iPhone case, pimpin' it to something similar to a Leica mockup. The shutter button presses the volume up button and additional lenses can be attached to 'improve' the photos. No idea why somebody would do so, except for carnival reasons – but anyhow: a fancy case.

Retrode is an USB adapter for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Nintendo SNES/SFC cartridges, features two ports for Sega and SNES controllers and should work with any corresponding emulator, either Mac or PC based.