Zach Petch

Zach Petch

There are things, and there are people, and there exists existing existers that are not things nor people. I'm not a thing. I'm a people.
Zach Petch
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This reminds me of my Dad

The Motoism GL500-JPN

In the annals of performance motorcycles, the Honda Silverwing wouldn& make the cut - and that was part of the inspiration the Motoism A massive overhaul takes the formerly sedate little cruiser to modern bike more capable than.

The Ducati Thiverval

Ducati looks to take the XDiavel and cruiser spirit further by showing of its customization potential with the help of Belgian customizer Fred Kruger.

Corujas são animais conhecidos, principalmente, por poder girar seu pescoço 270º. Esta lista reúne algumas das corujas mais chamativas da natureza.

Oriental Bay-Owl (Phodilus badius saturatus) Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Thailand The Oriental Bay Owl has a heart-shaped face with ear-like extensions, usually classified with barn owls. It is completely nocturnal, and can be found in Southeast Asia.

The Eagle Spyder GT (based on the Jaguar E-Type)

With 30 years experience working with Jaguar E-Types, there are few people more qualified to build their own than Eagle. The Eagle Spyder GT is in fact the company& fourth model, staying true to the spirit of the classic.

The Noordung Angel Electric Bike

The Noordung Angel Edition – an exclusive pre-production series of only 15 handmade, precisely crafted urban electric Noordung bikes.

Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie by Ralph McQuarrie

An iconic artist who worked with George Lucas to help bring establish the Star Wars saga. Designing some of the main characters like Darth Vader, & This concept art book is a must for any true fan.

Mag-Lev Audio Levitating Turntable

Okay, so technically speaking the whole turntable doesn't levitate. Just the platter of the Mag-Lev Audio Levitating Turntable floats in the air, holding your favorite.