Little Dog, Big Dog

I Guess I'll Sleep Over Here Then!

I see it could be two ways. One: the big dog is very kind and left the big bed for the pup. Two: the pup went on the big bed and left the small bed for the big dog. In that case, if I was the big dog, I would just lay on the small dog (or around it).

That movie was BOR-ING. Good thing I found a good place to sleep.

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Funny pictures about Pupcorn. Oh, and cool pics about Pupcorn. Also, Pupcorn.

Innocent little puppy taking a bath.. Click the pic for more awww

"Baby's first bath. I don't think she'll ever recover." Oh my gosh. CUTEST THING ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!///what a sweet baby face! poor little thing! better watch it mommy! she might melt!

Stop, stop,the belly kisses! I can't take it!

Stop, stop,the belly kisses! I can't take it! Give more belly kisses, except where it might be inappropriate.

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