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STOP THE PRESSES! This actually works and is amazing. You can even search articles and case law separately! For all of those last minute school work, it saves a lot of searching!

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Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

1000 Life Hacks: How about help paying off college loans in exchange for volunteer work.interesting idea to remember for Danny and his student loans! We already volunteer for a non profit too

Solve that math problem

Solves math problems fast 1000 Life Hacks // Putting it here because it would be very helpful as I am really not good at math

I've tried wolframalpha but not this so can't validate but pinning this to check this out later will update

1000 Life Hacks For me when the kids homework gets too hard for me to help them. Will be good for future reference when my kids have hard math problems to solve.

Life Hacks Part 7 - Imgur

Life Hacks Part 7

It's really easy and fun to use; I'm currently using it to learn italian. They have an iPhone app as well (that's what I'm using) and they have even more languages to learn (for free!) than are listed above. I highly recommend it.

Great for report card time

Copy and paste an essay into Goggle translate to listen for mistakes. This applies to creative writing, too.

1000 Life Hacks.

Literally What I Do EVERY time I work on school work! - This is extremely creepy because I am up late studying and I literally just finished listening to a Hans Zimmer song.guess I'm a born genius

find all the "." periods and increase their font to 14. they look the same but increases the pages

1000 Life Hacks How to make an essay longer. Use cntrl+ F select "." And change to a larger font.

On you can take hundreds of free online courses on any topic from legit schools all around the world.

A university run site that provides free online courses on any topic from legit schools