Fastest way to mess up someone's knock knock joke?    "It's open"

Fastest way to mess up someone's knock knock joke? Or just say, "what are you too good for the door bell?

LMAO!  These are great.

18 Well Mannered Insults: May your life be as pleasant as you are - gold.


If you can't handle me at my worst. I don't blame you - that shit is ridiculous But_go away if you can't_pleas

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 31 Pics

My eye was hurt by a boy who played laser gun. Luckily not the eyeball.

*gets anxiety making a phone call* *also feels completely at ease and downright cheerful wandering around unfamiliar city with only vague knowledge of how to get to where I'm going*

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You had me at "We are your friends." I was made to look pathetic but I was too numb to care. Your assurance touched my heart. It showed your kind heart.

I think this is how me and Alison survived our childhood. It was always the cat did it or the dog 😉

Yeah my house is crazy my sister chased me around once and liked me in the dogs cage I was laughing so hard

Someone from Cheney, Kansas, US posted a whisper, which reads "People: wow your family is so nice Me: fools. You know nothing of the dark side"


Except for me ~holly~ I'm never normal lol i don't go crazy. i am crazy. // i just go normal from time to time.